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Harrastelijan 2- kanavainen DJ mikseri, 

2 channels switchable to 2 phono, 2 line Channel 1+2 switchable between line and phono
1 separate DJ-mic channel with input-sensitivity-control (gain), 2-fold tone-control (bass, treble) and talkover-selector
Microphone-input via 1/4" mono-jack on the faceplate, High-quality and super-smooth channel-faders, Super-smooth crossfader replaceable from above, Headphones-output adjustable via Cue Level-control, Additional Cue Split/Cue Mix-switch
Cue Split-function: the Cue-signal is on the one side of the headphones and the output-signal on the other side
Cue Mix-function: the adjustable mix of Cue-signal and output-signal is on both sides of the headphones
Mixing of the headphones-signal possible via cue mixing-fader, Master-out 10-fold LED-level-displays (L/R)
Master-control, Rec-Out independent from Master-level for records with static level.  

Tuotteen mitat: 27 x 17,8 x 8,5 cm, paino 2.00 kg

  • Paino: 2.8 kg
  • Mitat: 20x40x50 cm